Ceilidh Of The North Overview:

  • Experienced 4 – 7 piece ceilidh band in Newcastle.
  • Provide a dedicated caller, integral in communicating the dances.
  • Comprise of fiddler, accordionist(s), guitarist, flautist, drummer.
  • Choose the instruments you wish, subject to availability.
  • Can perform at afternoon / reception.
  • Come with PA system for suitable small to medium venues.
  • Bookable from: £350+.


Ceilidh Of The North are an experienced ceilidh band in Newcastle, who will get your guests dancing to traditional ceilidhs songs played with a modern twist. With over 50 weddings under their belts the band are very much in demand across the North-East, providing entertainment that is uplifting and exhilarating for all involved. The band themselves say: “We are a group of musicians playing traditional ceilidh music well. I think modern bands have been caught up in reforming ceilidh music for modern life but the tradition stands because it is fantastic just the way it is!”


As a Wedding Band:

Ceilidh Of The North provide all the equipment required for the ceilidh and even come with a dedicated caller. The caller, who is the most integral member of the band for people new to ceilidhs, communicates the dances to your guests. Callers often make decisions on the running order and tailors the programme to suit the abilities of the dancers, ensuring that everyone gets the most out of the evening.

The band also comprises of a fiddler (folk term for violinist) who is often in charge of the musical side of the ceilidh dancing, a guitarist, who is an important part of the rhythm section putting the bounce in every dancers step and one or two accordionists giving the band volume in terms of texture and sound, as well as optional additional musicians like a flutist and a drummer. Working with the band you can help shape a lineup of musicians that is perfect for your wedding reception.

In keeping with ceilidh band tradition the Ceilidh Of The North draws musicians from pool of tremendously talented individuals, giving each performance a unique taste of music while still maintaining exceptionally high standard of music. The band come with a PA system suitable for small to medium sized venues up to 250 in capacity. The band are also happy to use this PA system outdoors, weather permitting, if required. They are also able to perform songs requested in advanced, including the first dance, subject to an additional fee.

“Delightfully elegant counterbalanced with immense drive and energy” – Dave McDonald



Ceilidh Of The North provides ceilidhs of a traditional method but with a modern sheen. The music comes from a long tradition of ceilidh dancing passed down from generation to generation and was specifically written for the dances. You can view an example set list for Ceilidh Of The North by clicking on the heading below:

Ceilidh Of The North – Example Setlist

  • Canadian Barn Dance
  • Hornpipes
  • Dashing White Sergeant
  • Reels
  • Strip of Willow
  • Jigs – Slip Jig
  • St Bernards Waltz
  • Waltzes
  • Cumberland 8
  • Reels
  • Riverside Jig
  • Jigs to a Reel Millitary Two Step
  • Jigs
  • Orcadian Strip Willow
  • Jigs to Reels Circassian Circle
  • Jigs to Reels Sweedish Maquarade
  • March to Waltz to Polka Flying Scottsman
  • Reels


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