Cartol String Quartet:

  • Quartet of incredible violinists, violist and cellist.
  • Fresh, talented string quartet for hire in Bristol.
  • Suitable to perform in the background or take centre stage.
  • First dance request as standard.
  • Will learn additional songs on request.
  • Bookable from £400+.


Cartol String Quartet is a highly qualified and experienced string quartet for hire in Bristol. Each of the members has their own rich background of performing and studying their instrument, now combining their collective talents to form a stunning and versatile string quartet suitable for a wide variety of functions. They have all studied music and performance to a high level, with three members of the group having gained degrees in music performance.

The group consists of Jessica Lawless and Katie Wilson as 1st and 2nd Violinists respectively, Sophie Goveia playing viola and Samuel Warner playing cello. Their performances are versatile as they vary in structure and style depending upon the situation, able to play familiar classical and religious music or even more modern music for the ceremony. They are comfortable playing background music during the ceremony / dinner / evening, but are also very keen on acting more as a focal point by providing music that people can dance to, with the band themselves saying that they “would love to escape the stereotype” that is commonly associated with similar acts, helping to make them stand out with their new and interesting approach.


As a Wedding Band:

Cartol String Quartet can perform at weddings during the ceremony, at the afternoon / dinner or in the evening / reception. Their versatility as a group enables them to play for various different functions, playing background music during the afternoon, and providing a more fun and active performance during the evening, all while maintaining a style of dress that will fit in perfectly with your wedding. The band are all playing on very high quality acoustic instruments, meaning you will hear the purest and sweetest sounds from their instruments at the perfect and most natural volume.

The band themselves say that they are happy to perform indoors and outdoors, however they feel that their music is best suited to be used as background music when performing outside or in large halls, due to the nature of their setup. However, when inside and for evening functions, they are more than happy to get guests dancing as they are always excited about bringing their more fun and quirky arrangements to new audiences. The band will learn your choice of first dance song as standard and are happy to learn any other additional songs as an optional extra.


Cartol String Quartet offer a wide range of different song choices in their entertaining and beautifully performed sets, from Bach’s Sheep May Safely Graze and Mozart’s Eine Kleine to The Fawlty Towers & Pretty Woman theme tunes. They also perform modern popular music like Let Her Go (Passenger) and to popular classics like Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles). For a more detailed overview of Cartol String Quartet’s repertoire click on the link below:


Cartol String Quartet’s Repertoire:

  • Bach’s Sheep May Safely Graze
  • Barcorelle
  • George Frideric Handel’s Queen of Sheba
  • Handel Water Music / Fireworks Music
  • John Legend’s All of Me
  • Mozart’s Eine Kleine
  • Mozart’s Rondo All Turca
  • Pachenbels’ Canon
  • Passenger’s Let Her Go
  • Phantom of the Opera’s All I Ask of You
  • Ronan Hardiman’s Lord of the Dance
  • Secret Garden’s You Raise Me Up
  • The Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby
  • The Blackadder Theme
  • The Fawlty Towers Theme
  • Vivaldi’s Four Seasons


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If you’re looking for a touch of class for your wedding day, Cartol String Quartet are a fresh, talented string quartet for hire in Bristol.
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